Are you into natural wood colors and the warm atmosphere they provide when used on doors and windows? Are you tempted by the durability of aluminum and the range of options that come along?

Well, you should be! But are those the only functions that doors and windows are supposed to have?

How about we introduce you to a third option that combines the two, but stronger and more modern and stylish. It is UPVC insulated doors and windows. So, what is the difference between UPVC doors and windows, and wood and aluminum ones


Upvc Sound and Heat Insulation:

As hard and airtight as aluminum can be, it can insulate neither sound nor heat. On the contrary, aluminum is known for its sound conduction; a feature that is going to disturb your peace at home. Although wood is a better sound insulator than aluminum, it does not protect you against volatile weather conditions. 

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) by which doors’ and windows’ profiles are made, stands out strongly for its sound and heat insulation. This will, obviously, result in a healthier and peaceful atmosphere at home, office, or even restaurant.


Durability and Weather Resistance:

Aluminum needs to be repainted regularly, as it might peel, get scratched, or fade. Also, when aluminum is installed in a humid environment where it gets wet and exposed to nitrates, it will erode.  

Similar to aluminum, wood needs to be repainted regularly. Wood also erodes when exposed to water or insects. In addition, it might shrink if exposed to high temperatures.

UPVC doors and windows save you all the trouble, as they are shockproof, do not rust, and resist difficult weather conditions such as rain, humidity, high temperature, oxidation, and insects.

In other words, you will save maintenance, repaint, and replacement costs.


Modern Upvc Designs:

UPVC doors and windows come with dozens of modern designs and stylish colors and can also be color-free. In addition, you can apply wood colors to enjoy its warm theme.

UPVC doors and windows can also be engraved and equipped with decorative glass along with many other options.


Application at Vital Facilities:

Doors and windows are best tested in kitchens and bathrooms, as they are always exposed to moisture, steam, heat, and water.

Therefore, UPVC doors and windows stand out for being waterproof and resistant to humidity and steam. In addition, UPVC is 100% airtight, as it insulates sound and smell. A variety of space-saving and different tastes and needs fitting UPVC designs and opening systems are also available.

UPVC doors and windows are favorable in kids’ rooms and offices, as they provide a peaceful atmosphere. They also provide complete protection against weather conditions when used for garden rooms.


Best UPVC Products in Mimari Qatar

Choosing the right UPVC doors and windows supplier is as important as choosing the product itself. Mimari Qatar is well-known for owning one of the most modern factories in the Middle East. Mimari Qatar is also distinguished for manufacturing custom-made profiles for its clients. Therefore, a lifetime warranty on profiles is granted.

Mimari Qatar proudly hires top-notch engineering and technical teams who offer the best customer service to our clients from the very first moment until installation and maintenance, if needed. 

Mimari Qatar offers big projects such as governmental ones in addition to companies, restaurants, institutions, and schools special offers without mediators.

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