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As the technology of construction and finishing advances, it is not necessary to conduct a makeover to your house or redecorate it to obtain a healthier environment.

Nowadays, insulated doors and windows function untraditionally, as they improve houses’ environments by offering extreme levels of comfort, quietness, security, privacy, and even saving energy. Such doors and windows are made of UPVC.

What is UPVC?

UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, a modified chemical compound that became more solid by removing some of its substances.

UPVC stands out for being eco-friendly and weather-resistance as well as its high durability and shock-resistance. UPVC also provides 100% insulation against water leaks, high temperature, and sound. Consequently, UPVC is heavily used in the industry of insulated doors and windows.

Features of UPVC Insulated Doors and Windows:

UPVC doors’ and windows’ profiles are made to withstand difficult weather conditions without being damaged. UPVC profiles also provide insulation against heat, sound, and water leaks.

Therefore, insulated UPVC doors and windows are your best option for a better and healthier environment.


Renew Your Home Using UPVC:

Not only the above-mentioned specifications offer you healthier but they also offer you a modern and fashionable look. For example, with UPVC doors and windows, you can enjoy the sunlight without worrying about its heat.

In addition, you can replace traditional walls for garden rooms with folding doors that are equipped with solid glass without worrying about heat, dust, or water leaks.

Mimari Qatar has redecorated dozens of houses and offices using UPVC foldable doors, and the results were as expected: impressive.

Moreover, UPVC doors and windows give you more options when it comes to renewing your home. Hence, you can take advantage of your garden without worrying about weather conditions, because garden rooms made of UPVC profiles and equipped with double or triple layers of solid glass protect you and your family from anything all year round.

Also, thanks to UPVC’s insulation features, you can renew your kitchen using Mimari Qatar’s aluminum kitchens and replace your kitchens’ doors and windows with insulating ones to protect your home from kitchen’s heat and steam.

More astonishingly, you can design a 100% insulated and airtight room for your pets to protect them from weather conditions.


Are UPVC Product Designs Modern and Stylish?

UPVC insulated products come with high-quality, modern designs, and attractive colors. In fact, Mimari Qatar offers a wide collection of modern designs and colors that meet all tastes. Such colors are natural wood-themed, black, white, gray, and more.

Mimari Qatar’s UPVC doors and windows are available with different opening systems such as sliding, tilt, foldable, single-direction, and multiple-direction. All of which fit the different spaces and needs.


UPVC Products Accessories… Extra Privacy and Comfort:

UPVC insulated products come with accessories that even make them more functional. The automatic roller shutter provides extra privacy, and insect screens offer 100% protection against insects. Our UPVC accessories do not shrink or get damaged by high temperatures.


Call Mimari Qatar for Best UPVC Products:

Mimari Qatar has one of the most modern factories in Qatar and the Middle East that offer high-quality products and accuracy in production. Also, Mimari Qatar’s UPVC profiles are custom-made to meet our clients’ needs with a lifetime warranty.

Also, our highly-trained and experienced technical team will provide instant follow-up and recommendations to our clients from the initial consultation until installation and maintenance.

Furthermore, Mimari Qatar offers special services to businesses, institutions, restaurants, and government projects that guarantee the continuity of the relationship between us and our clients without mediators.

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